Direct Care for Long-Term Residents to Increase to Average Four Hours per Day

Oakville North-Burlington – MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Long-Term Care, today announced that the Ontario Government  will be increasing the average daily direct care for residents of long-term care to four hours a day.

These changes to improve quality of care for vulnerable seniors will include direct hands-on care provided by nurses and/or personal support workers (PSWs). Care will be directed at supporting clinical and personal care needs and will implemented over the next four years to achieve this standard by 2024-2025. This plan will require the recruiting and education of tens of thousands of new personal support workers, registered practical nurses and registered nurses.

Ensuring that seniors receive a minimum daily average of four hours of direct care was recommended by the Long-Term Care Staffing Study, published by the Ministry of Long-Term Care at the end of July. As Parliamentary Assistant, MPP Triantafilopoulos played an active role in this study. It was one of the early recommendations made by the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission. While the independent commission completes its work, the government is not waiting to act.

Quote from Effie Triantafilopoulos MPP:

“I am proud to see our government acting quickly to increase the average daily direct care of seniors in long-term care to four hours per day. This increase will assist in improving the health and quality of life of our seniors in long-term care. “

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has invested $405 million to help homes with operating pressures related to COVID-19, including infection prevention and containment measures, staffing supports, and purchasing additional supplies and PPE
  • The government recently announced a temporary $3 hour wage increase for PSWs in long-term care
  • Residents in Long-Term Care currently receive an average of 2.75 hours of care per day from nursing and personal support staff, and an average of 0.5 hours per day from other health workers