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Oakville North-Burlington Newsletter November 5, 2023


“The 2023 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review: Building a Strong Ontario Together outlines how the government is continuing to take a responsible, targeted approach, providing the flexibility needed to help address ongoing economic uncertainty and build critical infrastructure in growing communities while laying a strong fiscal foundation for future generations.” – MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos

To read the statement in full, or see highlights visit:


Burlington Chamber of Commerce with Economic Development Minister

I was delighted to join the Burlington Chamber CEO & Leaders Breakfast this week. Our keynote speaker, Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade Minister Victor Fedeli highlighted our government’s work to attract investments to our province and to Burlington.

By lowering the cost of doing business, 110 businesses and 1,100 jobs were created in Burlington since 2018. Thank you to all the business leaders who attended and shared their feedback on how we can continue to make Ontario the greatest place in the world to do business.

Interfaith Council of Halton

I was honoured to be invited to join the Interfaith Council of Halton to pray for peace in the Middle East. 

Leaders from different faiths and cultures came together with a common goal – to pray that the conflict end and innocent people find safety and peace. Our humanity unites us all in understanding and compassion to create a future of peace. Thank you to the many community members who participated.


Finding Freedom on the Sixteen

I was honoured to join the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton for a special screening of “Finding Freedom on the Sixteen”, a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Anthony Sherwood that explores the history of African-descendant communities around Oakville Harbour. 

Featuring interviews with descendants of Oakville’s first Black families from the mid-1800s, the film encourages Ontarians to explore this vital piece of our heritage.
Black History is Ontario History. Black History is Canadian History.


Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Ground-breaking

I want tp thank the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides for inviting me to the ground-breaking ceremony for the new dog guide training school in Oakville.
Having a dog guide empowers Canadians living with disabilities and medical conditions to navigate their world with confidence and independence. The Lions Foundation of Dog Guides have served the needs of vulnerable people in Ontario and across Canada for 40 years. Thank you for your life-changing work.Photo 2023-11-03, 1 31 39?PM

Goodwill Amity – The Power of Work

I had a great afternoon joining CEO Kelly Duffin and my colleague MPP Natalie Pierre at Goodwill Amity’s 17th Annual Power of Work Awards Lunch.

Participants were recognized who have overcome personal adversity and employment barriers to find success through meaningful work. It was inspiring to hear keynote speaker Kendal Netmaker, award-winning Entrepreneur and Author from Sweetgrass First Nation, on how the impact of work has changed his life. 

Ontario Government Calls on Trudeau to Scrap the Carbon Tax

The federal government’s recent decision to eliminate the carbon tax on home heating oil is a long-overdue recognition of its detrimental impact. However, it remains fundamentally unjust that the burden of this tax persists for the vast majority of Ontarians, as approximately 95 percent of residents in the province do not rely on oil for heating their homes or businesses.

Premier Ford has called upon the Prime Minister to play fair, do what’s right, and eliminate the tax altogether.


Ontario Government is Taking Action to Curb the Impact of the Carbon Tax

The Ontario government plans to extend the cuts in gasoline and fuel tax rates, with proposed legislation in the 2023 Fall Economic Statement aiming to extend these reductions until June 30, 2024.

Since July 1, 2022, these tax rates have been lowered, resulting in significant savings for households and businesses, with the tax rate on gasoline and fuel staying at 9 cents per litre. This extension is part of the government’s broader efforts to put more money back into the pockets of Ontarians and alleviate the financial burden caused by inflation.

The province has implemented other measures, including refunding licence plate renewal fees, eliminating local transit fares on connecting routes, raising the minimum wage, and providing tax credits for seniors.

The government’s ongoing call to the federal government to pause carbon tax increases is also highlighted in these initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to easing the financial strain on Ontario residents and businesses.


The Ontario Government Removes HST On Purpose-Built Rentals

The Ontario government is taking significant steps to address the housing crisis by removing the entire eight percent provincial portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on qualifying new purpose-built rental housing, including apartments, student housing, and senior residences built for long-term rentals.

This move aims to stimulate the construction of more rental homes throughout the province, making housing more affordable for Ontarians. The enhanced rebate applies to projects starting construction between September 14, 2023, and December 31, 2030, completing construction by December 31, 2035. This initiative is in response to Ontario’s call for federal HST relief, with both levels of government collaborating to eliminate the full 13 percent HST on qualifying rental housing.

Additionally, Ontario is developing a modular home strategy and exploring ways to leverage surplus lands to reduce construction costs, further supporting the goal of building 1.5 million homes by 2031.

These actions are part of the province’s commitment to address housing challenges and offer more affordable living options for its residents.


Oakville North-Burlington Spirit Awards

It’s truly an honour to shine a light on the dedicated volunteers who have contributed to making our community better. Thank you for your community spirit. If you would like to nominate a member of our community who has gone above and beyond to contribute to our community, please contact my office and let me know at