Oakville North-Burlington Update – February 19, 2021
“I want to assure the people of this great province that we are ready to get vaccines into as many arms as possible, we simply need the supply…Our Vaccine Task Force, led by General Hillier, is executing our vaccine distribution plan with military precision and we have now administered over a half a million doses. This is great progress, but we would all like to be moving faster. I urge our federal government partners to do whatever it takes to get us more vaccines so we can better protect people and eventually defeat this deadly virus.” – Premier Doug Ford Ontario Expands Eligibility for Main Street Relief Grant
The Government of Ontario has announced it is expanding the number of small businesses that can apply for the Main Street Relief Grant to help offset the costs of purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) to cautiously and gradually reopen in parts of the province.
Small businesses with 2 to 19 employees in all eligible sectors – expanded from 2-9 employees – including those in the arts, entertainment, and recreation sector, can now apply for up to $1,000 in financial support. The expansion is being made as more parts of the province enter the strengthened COVID-19 Response Framework, which allows for the gradual and safe reopening of in-store shopping at non-essential retail stores.
Small businesses can visit ontario.ca/smallbusiness to learn about the many supports available to them. These include resources to find Ontario-made PPE through the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory, tools to build or expand their online presence through Digital Main Street, tailored local support through the Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Network, and free financial advice. Vaccine Update – 500,000 Doses Administered
Thursday, Ontario hit an important milestone: 500,000 total doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered. 
Despite ongoing vaccine delays and reduced shipments, Ontario continues to make progress in vaccinating our most vulnerable, including residents in long-term care, high-risk retirement and First Nations elder care homes. Residents at all long-term care homes across the province have been given an opportunity to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Amidst these delays, vaccination teams also continue to distribute vaccines in First Nations fly-in communities in the north as part of Operation Remote Immunity. As we receive more vaccines from the federal government, we will ensure that every Ontarian who wishes to receive a vaccine can get one. 
Ontario Investing in Made-In-Ontario Contact Tracing Technology to Help Protect Workers from COVID-19
On Thursday, our government announced that we are providing Facedrive Inc. with $2.5 million through the Ontario Together Fund to  accelerate the deployment of its wearable contact tracing technology, TraceSCAN, which alerts users within a workplace who have been in close contact with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. The company anticipates manufacturing about 150,000 devices under this project and creating 68 new jobs, including software, firmware and hardware engineers and machine learning specialists.Funding for Ontario Heritage Trust during COVID-19
The Ontario government is providing the Ontario Heritage Trust (OHT) with $4.3 million to ensure it can carry out its important work during COVID-19. This one-time investment will protect jobs, while ensuring Ontario’s cultural and natural heritage properties remain supported and accessible. This year’s Ontario Heritage Week began on Feb. 15 and will end on February 21st. It focuses on the province’s natural environment and sites the trust works to preserve and protect.Ontario Takes Steps to Grow the Greenbelt
Ontario has launched a 60 day consultation to grow the size of the Greenbelt, which could result in its largest expansion since 2005. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to grow the Greenbelt and protect Ontario’s environmental, groundwater, and agricultural resources for future generations.Ontario Making the Justice System More Acce
 Attorney General Doug Downey introduced the Accelerating Access to Justice Act, 2021, that if passed, would improve access to justice for Ontarians by modernizing processes and breaking down barriers in the province’s courts, tribunals, estates law, family and child protection sectors. The legislation, which builds on Ontario’s recent justice modernization breakthroughs, proposes urgent reforms to address delays for Ontarians waiting to resolve legal issues in front of a judge or beyond the courtroom, including in rural, northern, Francophone and Indigenous communities.Expanding Capacity in Ontario’s Meat Processing Sector
Ontario has announced that the provincial and federal governments are investing $127,000 to support a research initiative by Meat and Poultry Ontario (MPO) which will identify opportunities to increase meat processing to satisfy growing demand for abattoir services across the province. This investment is the latest part of our government’s plan to grow provincial meat processing capacity.
In response to the growing demand for processing facilities in Ontario, MPO has begun researching a strategy that pairs skills development with innovative technologies that aims to increase efficiency and capacity across the sector.Ontario Improving Farm Safety for Agri-Food Workers During COVID-19Ontario has announced that it is providing up to $118,500 to the Ontario Fruit and Vegetables Growers’ Association (OVFGA) to develop specialized COVID-19 resources for Temporary Foreign Workers. The agreement will prepare a full set of resources, in a variety of languages and formats, to ensure that agri-food workers have access to the information they need to help protect themselves and others from the spread of the virus.This is part of the actions under the province’s Prevention, Control and Outbreak Support Strategy for COVID-19 in Ontario’s Farm Workers, which provides guidance on how to prevent and control COVID-19 on farms, protect farm worker safety and wellness, and maintain the sustainability and viability of the agri-food sector.Effie in the Community
Today I met with Premier Ford to discuss important issues and priorities in @RegionofHalton, and was joined by MPP colleagues Stephen Crawford, Parm Gill, Jane McKenna and Donna Skelly. It’s an honour to represent and serve our great community of #OakvilleNorth-#BurlON!
I had an informative meeting with Robert and Susan from Architectural Conservancy Ontario for its sixth annual Heritage Day during Ontario Heritage Week. They shared ideas on ways they can work with Ontario Government to support Ontario’s heritage and use it to spur economic growth, create jobs, encourage tourism and foster well-being in our community. Thank you for your commitment to preserving Ontario’s heritage!
ACO was founded in 1933 and through advocacy and education helps to conserve Ontario’s significant structures and landscapes for the benefit of current and future generations.I was pleased to join Oakville STARZ tonight for a virtual concert to celebrate #ChineseNewYear and the arrival of 2021.This concert had the support of over 4000 members of the Chinese community in #Oakville and funds raised were in support of our front-line healthcare workers.
Oakville STARZ is a non-profit organization created in 2018 that is dedicated to sharing musical talent with the community. During #COVID19, this great organization has been hosting virtual performances for senior homes and the public every month. Thank you for hosting this wonderful concert and for all the great work you do in our community! #YearoftheOx #OakvilleNorth#BurlONOakville North-Burlington Spirit Awards
In recent months, I have been proud to honour a number of volunteers who have contributed to our community during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for your community spirit. If you would like to nominate a member of our community who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the community during the pandemic, please contact my office and let me know.
The following volunteers from Oakville Meals on Wheels have been recognized for their selfless acts of charity and volunteerism in Oakville North-Burlington. Sally Kilburn            Gloria TomlinsonJoe Jostiak               Jill SnidalJackie Northcott      Karen Mary PennFitzie James             Kimberly Basset SwinagaWayne Stephen      Bob FrenchJanet Cherrett                      Steve KellyBrian McGuire                     Joyce SeeSonia Thomas         David SeeDolores SaundersJanet FisherCathy LeaverRobin JepsonMary Lou DemarcoMarion CummingFrank DuffyLyn WilsonMonica WatsonYolaine Boileau-MatteauTuesday, January 28th – Coronavirus UpdateFriday, March 13 – COVID-19 Coronavirus UpdateWednesday, March 18 – COVID-19 Coronavirus UpdateFriday, March 20 – Learn at Home Portal Launched for Ontario StudentsWednesday, March 25 – Ontario’s Action PlanFriday, March 28 – Joint ONB COVID-19 UpdateMonday, March 30 – Ontario Support for Small Business and Combating Price GougingWednesday, April 1 – School and Child Care Closures ExtendedFriday, April 3 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateThursday, April 9 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, April 17 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, April 24 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, May 1 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, May 8 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, May 15 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, May 22 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, May 29 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, June 5 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, June 12 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateMonday, June 15 – Ontario Opens More Businesses and Services in Halton RegionFriday, June 19 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, June 26 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateWednesday, July 1 – Canada DayFriday, July 10 – Summer NewsletterFriday, July 17 – Summer NewsletterFriday, July 24 – Weekly Oakville North-Burlington UpdateFriday, July 31 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, August 7 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, August 14 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, August 21 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, August 28 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, September 4 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, September 11 – Oakville North- Burlington News and Events Friday, September 18 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, September 25 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, October 02 – Oakville North- Burlington News and EventsFriday, October 09 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, October 16 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, October 23 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, October 30 – Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, November 6- Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsSaturday, November 7, Special Edition: Ontario Budget 2020Friday.November 13, Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, November 20, Oakville North-Burlington News and Events Friday, November27, Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday December 04, Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, December 11, Oakville North-Burlington News and EventsFriday, December 18, Oakvile North-Burlington News and EventsMerry Christmas, December 24, Oakville North-BurlingtonFriday, January 08, 2021, Oakville North-Burlington News and Events.Breaking News: Second Provincial Emergency in Response to COVID-19 Crisis January 13,2021.Friday, January 22,2021, Oakville North-Burlington News and Events.Friday, January 29, 2021, Oakville North-burlington News and Events.Friday, February 5, 2021 Oakville North-Burlington News and Events. Friday, February, 12,2021 Oakville North-Burlington News And Events.