Oakville North-Burlington Newsletter March 01, 2024

My heartfelt sympathies go out to my friend MPP Caroline Mulroney, her mother Mila, brothers Ben, Mark, and Nicolas, and their families, as they mourn the passing of their beloved father, husband, and grandfather, The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney.
For my generation, he epitomized the essence of a modern Canada. He was not just a political figure but also a role model, admired by people around the world. His warm smile and undeniable charm left an enduring mark on Canada’s global standing.
As Prime Minister, his efforts to safeguard the environment, notably through the Canada-US Air Quality Agreement, aimed at reducing acid rain-causing pollutants, deserve recognition. He also played a significant role in leading Canada into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and bravely opposed the racial apartheid regime in South Africa, persuading other world leaders to follow suit.
A man of vision, integrity and action, he epitomized principled leadership, prioritizing his family and unwavering loyalty to his country above all else. His legacy is deeply ingrained in the fabric of Canadian society, and his passing is a profound loss. In Ottawa today, I was able to witness the flag over the peace tower lowered in his honour.
While his absence will be deeply felt, his influence and inspiration will endure. He will be greatly missed. – MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos


Joining Halton Women’s Place for their Annual Enchanted Garden Gala

Congratulations to the Halton Women’s Place for organizing an Enchanted Garden Gala.
400+ people were in attendance for a truly magical evening. It’s so important to support such a worthy cause that raises awareness and provides essential services for survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence and their children.
Let’s stand together to support survivors, raise awareness and advocate for change. Together, we can build a future free from violence and abuse against women and children.

Oakville Celebrates Black History Month

Sending a heartfelt thank you to the African Caribbean Council of Halton for organizing this year’s Black History Month celebration in Oakville! Your commitment to highlighting the rich heritage of African and Caribbean communities shines brightly.
From engaging discussions to enlightening presentations, every aspect of the event showcased the depth and beauty of our shared history. Your efforts in fostering understanding and unity are truly commendable. Here’s to continued collaboration and celebration all year long.

Axe the Carbon Tax

I rose in the Legislature in support of Motion 75, introduced by my colleague from Simcoe-Grey, calling on the Government of Canada to take immediate steps to eliminate the carbon tax on fuels used for the transportation of goods.
Motion 75 represents a critical step in relieving the burden this tax imposes on hard-working individuals, truckers, and small businesses across our province and country.
Watch my remarks here: https://youtu.be/0cPxEiaMqVo?si=UWA_MFpL12401Qll

Celebrating Woodgreen Community Services

I joined WoodGreen Community Services to learn more about their Homeward Bound Programs, the importance of addressing homelessness in Ontario and how this program empowers women-led families.
Developed by WoodGreen and launched in 2004, Homeward Bound is an award-winning program that supports homeless or inadequately housed single mothers to earn college diplomas, start careers and achieve financial stability for their families.
The results are impressive: higher employment rates, stable housing, and significant savings in social assistance. A special thanks to Sara Cumming and Catherine Villasenor for their dedicated work with Home Suite Hope in our Halton community and all the community and private sector partners.
It’s clear that initiatives like Homeward Bound are transforming the lives of women and their children.

Halton MPPs Strategize with Halton Healthcare

Thank you to Speaker Ted Arnott for convening a very productive meeting with Melissa Farrell, President & CEO of Halton Healthcare and her team with MPP colleagues Natalie Pierre, Hardeep Grewal and Amarjot Sandhu. We heard about the evolving healthcare needs in our fast-growing Halton community and strategies to ensure accessible and quality healthcare for all residents.

Halton MPPs Strategize with Halton Healthcare

Thank you to Speaker Ted Arnott for convening a very productive meeting with Melissa Farrell, President & CEO of Halton Healthcare and her team with MPP colleagues Natalie Pierre, Hardeep Grewal and Amarjot Sandhu. We heard about the evolving healthcare needs in our fast-growing Halton community and strategies to ensure accessible and quality healthcare for all residents.

Halton Economic Leaders Leave their Mark At Queen’s Park

Pleased to witness Halton business leaders in action! Terry Caddo, CEO, and April-Dawn Blackwell, Vice-Chair, of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and France Fournier, CEO of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce participated in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s advocacy day at Queen’s Park. Thank you for your strong commitment and support of our local business community.

Habitat for Humanity Joins us at Queen’s Park

Grateful for the opportunity to attend Habitat for Humanity’s reception at Queen’s Park last night. Their commitment to providing affordable housing solutions and empowering lower-income families is truly inspirational.
It was great to reconnect with the Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga-Dufferin team – Ann, Eden and Jackie who have been absolute champions in our community.
Thank you to all the incredible individuals who make Habitat for Humanity’s mission possible. Your dedication is changing lives and building brighter futures.

Celebrating Non-Profits

Reflecting on the wonderful reception at Queen’s Park to recognize the work of Non-Profits in Ontario, hosted by MPP Daisy Wai! 
I would like to thank Daisy for her leadership in championing the sector, notably through Bill 9, the Non-Profit Sector Appreciation Week Act, 2021.
Let’s keep the momentum going all year long, showing our gratitude to the staff and volunteers for the vital work they do in our communities!

Anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Two years after Russia began its brutal invasion, Ukrainians continue to amaze the would with their bravery and determination to defend their freedom and democracy. Ontario stands with Ukraine and its people, including the thousands who now call Ontario home.
Watch premier Ford’s statement here: https://www.facebook.com/reel/354286134238646

Standing up Against Bullying

I was proud to join my colleagues at Queen’s Park, wearing pink in support of Pink Shirt Day as we take a stand against bullying. Students in Ontario deserve to feel safe, accepted and supported.
If you’re being bullied, ask for help, or call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.
See the inspiration behind this powerful movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Ontario Investing Nearly $1.3 Billion to Stabilize Colleges and Universities

This Week, the Ontario government introduced a suite of measures to stabilize the province’s colleges and universities, including nearly $1.3 billion in new funding, while maintaining the tuition fee freeze to keep costs down for Ontario students and parents. The province is also introducing legislation that would, if passed, support student mental health, safe and inclusive campuses and allow for increased transparency of fees. This suite of measures also includes initiatives that will help connect students to rewarding careers to help build Ontario’s skilled workforce.

Ontario Keeping Electricity Costs Down for Families

The Ontario government is keeping electricity costs down for about 100,000 additional families by expanding the eligibility for the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP). New income eligibility thresholds, which have increased by up to 35 per cent, take effect today.
The government’s increased investment in the OESP will support a significant expansion of the program. For example, a four-person household can now have a combined maximum income of $65,000 after tax deductions, to qualify for a monthly rebate of $40. That’s an increase of $17,000 from the previous maximum of $48,000.
Households eligible for the OESP can receive credits of $35 to $75 through the program depending on household size. Higher monthly credits of between $52 to $113 are available to customers who are Indigenous, living with Indigenous family members, using electric heating, or using certain electricity-intensive medical devices.
In addition to the OESP, the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) keeps electricity bills for families and small business affordable. Last fall, the on-bill OER was increased from 11.7 per cent to 19.3 per cent – reducing a typical household’s electricity bill by a total of $26 each month – or $312 a year.

You’re invited to join the festivities at the Haftseen Bazaar, a celebration of Persian arts and culture happening in Oakville.

Mark your calendar for March 8th, 9th, and 10th, and head over to Unifor Local 707 at 475 North Service Rd E for:

– Exploring an array of Persian Arts & Crafts
– Indulging in the flavors of authentic Persian Foods
– Relaxing and enjoying traditional Persian tea at the Tea House
– Discovering beautiful Rugs and Handcrafts
– Engaging in fun Kids Activities designed for the whole family

Complimentary parking and admission are available for your convenience.
Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty and richness of Persian culture firsthand!

Oakville North-Burlington Spirit Awards

It’s truly an honour to shine a light on the dedicated volunteers who have contributed to making our community better. Thank you for your community spirit. If you would like to nominate a member of our community who has gone above and beyond to contribute to our community, please contact my office and let me know at Effie.triantafilopoulos@pc.ola.org