Oakville North-Burlington Newsletter May 17, 2024

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Thanking our Community’s Volunteers

This week, I was honoured to rise in the Legislature to recognize eight outstanding volunteers from Oakville North-Burlington at this year’s Ontario Volunteer Service Awards ceremony.
Volunteers are the heart and soul of communities, driving positive change, fostering connections, and making the province a better place for everyone. 

Ontario Introducing Stiff Penalties to Combat Auto Theft

The Ontario government is cracking down on auto theft by introducing legislation that, if passed, would suspend driver’s licences for people convicted of the crime. With auto thefts and carjackings on the rise across the province, the legislation would help deter potential thieves and make it more challenging for criminals to re-offend.
Under the proposed legislation, thieves convicted of motor vehicle theft under the Criminal Code would face a 10-year licence suspension for a first offence, a 15-year licence suspension for a second offence and a lifetime licence suspension for a third offence. Licence suspensions would apply to convictions where the court found that aggravating factors were involved in the commission of the offence, such as violence, use of a weapon, use of force, threat, or pursuit of financial gain.
In addition to stiff penalties for auto theft, the province is also proposing to strengthen penalties for stunt driving. The proposed legislation would ensure that anyone convicted of stunt driving receives a minimum mandatory licence suspension – one year for a first conviction, three years for a second conviction and a lifetime suspension, reducible to 10 years under certain criteria, for a third conviction.

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The Power of Our Community

When women lead, they inspire change and set the stage for a better tomorrow. A remarkable group of women came together at my “Community Connections” series to celebrate the strength, resilience and achievements of women.
It was an impactful evening bringing together leaders in our #Halton community who are on the frontlines battling the scourge of gender-based and domestic violence.
My gratitude to all our knowledgeable presenters: Dr. Darlene Gustin of the Zonta Club of Oakville, Nancy Romic of Shifra Homes, Silvia Samsa of SAVIS, Sonia Robinson of Millcroft Against Development- M.A.D, Laurie Hepburn and Carm Bozzo of Halton Women’s Place and Jennifer McGuire from the Halton Regional Police Service. Thank you for your commitment and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable women and children and for sharing your invaluable experience with us.
It was an honour to be part of such an inspiring gathering and I look forward to continuing to work together to ensure all women and children are safe in our community.

Advocating for the Preservation of Knox Presbyterian

I had an informative meeting with Rev. Patrick Gushue of Knox Presbyterian in Oakville! We dived deep into the rich history of the church, standing strong since 1846. It’s truly inspiring to witness such dedication to preserving and restoring this historical treasure.
We are united in our commitment to preserving our community’s heritage for generations to come and safeguarding the legacy of this beloved landmark

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Thanking our Community’s Volunteers

This week, I was honoured to rise in the Legislature to recognize eight outstanding volunteers from Oakville North-Burlington at this year’s Ontario Volunteer Service Awards ceremony.
Volunteers are the heart and soul of communities, driving positive change, fostering connections, and making the province a better place for everyone. 
Thank you to all the volunteers in our giving community for your selfless service.

Committee Hearings on Bill 185

This week the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs heard from stakeholders regarding Bill 185, the Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Act, 2024.
Our government is committed to cut red tape and helping municipalities build more housing faster, improve quality of life and create stronger communities.


Connecting with Page Program Participant Soyul

Yesterday at Queen’s Park I met Soyul, a bright participant in the Page program from our community of Oakville North-Burlington.
Our conversation had a depth well beyond Soyul’s years, as we spoke of our shared love of law and debating.
Soyul’s interest in pursuing a career in law is admirable and it’s so inspiring to meet a young person with such a promising future!



Ontario Taking Impaired Drivers Off the Road

The Ontario government is cracking down on impaired driving by introducing legislation that, if passed, would impose stiffer penalties for those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs – including a lifetime licence suspension for those convicted of impaired driving causing death.
The proposed legislation would also increase immediate roadside licence suspensions for first and second-time alcohol and drug-related offences and clarify police authority to stop vehicles and/or administer sobriety tests for drivers on or off the highway.

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Ontario Building Safer Roads and Communities

This week, the Ontario government introduced legislation that, if passed, would improve community safety and protect people and families from road users who engage in dangerous and illegal activities such as impaired driving, stunt driving and auto theft. The Safer Roads and Communities Act would also strengthen the province’s commercial vehicle enforcement program and improve e-bike safety.
Also included in the Safer Roads and Communities Act are proposed changes that would introduce escalating licence suspensions for people convicted of auto theft and stunt driving and a lifetime licence suspension for anyone convicted of alcohol or drug-impaired driving causing death.


Ontario Strengthening Cyber Security and Protecting People Online

The Ontario government is introducing legislation that, if passed, would provide new tools to prevent and respond to cyber security threats and safeguard critical public services, such as health care and education.
By enhancing cyber resilience, the government is ensuring these essential sectors remain secure and operational, protecting the safety and privacy of all Ontarians while providing them with more connected and convenient services across government.
Our government will consult key public sector stakeholders, Indigenous partners, academia, technology and AI experts, the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the IPC as it develops regulations. As technologies continue to rapidly evolve, we are committed to continuously working with all partners to better protect Ontarians, especially our children.
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Asahi Kasei to Build a Battery Component Plant in Ontario
This week, Premier Ford and Economic Development Minister Vic Fedeli welcomed Asahi Kasei Corporation’s investment of approximately $1.6 billion to build an EV battery separator plant in Port Colborne, Ontario. As medium-to long-term growth is forecasted in the North American EV market, the company expects to make additional multi-billion-dollar investments through multiple phases.
Our auto sector has long been an engine of economic growth, driving innovation and creating good-paying jobs for Canadians. As demand for EVs continues to grow, we are well positioned to attract further investment, solidifying our leadership in auto, EV battery, and battery material industries, and creating economic growth and opportunities now and for generations to come.
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Oakville North-Burlington Spirit Awards

It’s truly an honour to shine a light on the dedicated volunteers who have contributed to making our community better. Thank you for your community spirit. If you would like to nominate a member of our community who has gone above and beyond to contribute to our community, please contact my office and let me know at Effie.triantafilopoulos@pc.ola.org