Ontario Government to Reduce Tuition 10%

First ever province-wide tuition reduction will make college and university more affordable for students in Burlington and Oakville

January 17, 2019

OAKVILLE NORTH-BURLINGTON – As of this fall (the 2019/20 school year), students at every publicly-assisted college and university will see their tuition rates go down by 10 percent thanks to a province-wide tuition rate reduction introduced by Ontario’s Government for the People. The government will also be refocussing the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) to ensure it remains sustainable and viable for future students while directing a greater proportion of OSAP funding to families with the greatest financial need.

Students will also gain freedom to choose which student fees they want to pay, and how that money will be allocated. Fees for essential health and safety initiatives will continue to be mandatory. Student fees in Ontario can range as high as $2000 per year and, too often, force students to pay for services they do not use and organizations they do not support. The opt-out initiative will ensure students have transparency and freedom of choice regarding the campus services and organizations which get access to their money.

Quotes by Effie Triantafilopoulos MPP:

“All Ontario students who have the grades deserve access to a college or university they can afford. By lowering tuition across Ontario by 10%, our government will ensure that more Ontario students can access high quality skills, training and education.”

“We need to focus OSAP funding on those students who need it most. We are making post-secondary more affordable in Oakville and Burlington, while giving students more say over how their money is spent.”

Quick Facts

  • The government’s historic tuition reduction for 2019-20 represents the first time Ontario student tuition has decreased across all funding-eligible programs.
  • Average university tuition in Ontario has increased significantly since the mid-1990s and is currently the highest in any Canadian province.
  • A student attending Sheridan College enrolled in a Honours Bachelor of Animation program would see a $790 reduction in their 2019-20 academic year tuition.
  • The Auditor General recently tabled a report highlighting concerns with the way OSAP was administered, as well as drastic overspending. The report concluded that despite the previous government’s excessive spending, OSAP did not result in proportionately higher enrolment.