Premier Ford Announces $28.5 billion for GTA Transit

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Commuters, transit users and the economy to benefit


Queen’s Park – In a major transportation announcement today, Premier Doug Ford said that “our government is investing in transportation to bring relief and new opportunities to transit users and commuters.” On behalf of the government, the Premier announced the new Ontario Line to deal with the dangerous congestion on the Yonge-University subway line, the Yonge North Subway Extension that will connect the subway to one of the region’s largest employment centres, the three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension to better serve communities, and the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension.

This announcement follows on service increases announced earlier for the GO system, including more trains for the Lakeshore West line through Oakville and Burlington. Halton residents stand to benefit from today’s announcement as commuting into Toronto will become easier and improved transit will encourage more investment in the GTA.

Quote from Effie Triantafilopoulos MPP:

“More subways and more transit benefits everyone in the GTA, including people in Oakville North-Burlington. Commuters will find it easier to get to work in Toronto and other areas and businesses will find it easier to move their goods as more people use the improved transit system.”

“Better transit will attract investment and jobs to the GTA, which will benefit everyone in our communities. I am proud to see Premier Ford moving forward on the most ambitions transit plan Ontario has ever seen.”

Quick Facts

  • The Ontario Line will cost $10.9 billion and will be delivered by 2027.
  • The Yonge North Subway Extension will cost $5.6 billion and should be open soon after the Ontario Line.
  • The Scarborough Subway Extension will cost $5.5 billion and will be delivered before 2030.
  • The Eglinton Crosstown West Extension will cost $4.7 billion and will be delivered before 2031.
  • The projects will require a combined $28.5 billion, of which the province has committed $11.2 billion.


Media Contact:

Mark Hensen

Constituency Assistant

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